Paths of Vengeance

Grumblejack and the Fireaxe’s Drinking Contest

“You call this strong wine? I’ve had a gallon and I can barely feel it,” boasts the bugbear warlord.

The ogre cocks an eye. “Yeah? Grumblejack hear bugbears can’t hold their liquor.”

“Then you’ve been speaking to fools, ogre,” says the bugbear with a sneer. “Certainly, a strong bugbear is more than a match for the weaker races … like ogres.”

Grumblejack laughs. “Weaker … hah! If you were to match me drink for drink, you’d be dead drunk before the night is half over.”

“Boasting is easy. Prove your words, ogre!” And Sakkarot Fire-Axe slams his empty chalice on the table.

Grumblejack is quick to answer, slamming down a leather drinking jack. “Pour wine! Grumblejack look forward to seeing what your lunch looks like.”

And so the drinking contest began.



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