Jurak the Eldest, Treant


Jurak the Elder has been guarding the Horn of Abaddon for centuries. At first, he merely inconvenienced the death cultists who made the spire their home. He attacked supply shipments and messengers, but was quick to melt into the woods when they turned their true might towards him. Unable to be defeated in the forest, but too weak to assault the Horn itself, he became a persistent nuisance. Then the Victor arrived.

The Victor’s triumph came so rapidly that Jurak missed the battle. When he finally met the Victor, Jurak confessed his regret. The Victor answered, “Then make this your sacred charge. Jurak, protector of the forest, see that evil never again takes root here.” Jurak has since vigilantly performed his duty. It is due to Jurak that the Horn is as empty as it is. Obviously, this self-righteous piece of walking lumber had got to go!


Jurak the Eldest, Treant

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