Alchemical Arrows


Type of Arrow Alchemy DC Cost
Bleeding arrow 25 360 gp
Durable arrow 25 1 gp
Dye arrow 15 1 gp
Lodestone arrow 25 10 gp
Pheromone arrow 20 15 gp
Raining arrow 20 30 gp
Slow burn arrow 20 150 gp
Splintercloud arrow 25 25 gp
Tanglefoot arrow 25 20 gp
Trip arrow 25 25 gp

Though elven alchemists created these formulas, any alchemist can use them, either on arrows or crossbow bolts. The listed costs are for one non-masterwork arrow; masterwork versions cost 6 gp more than the listed price.

Bleeding Arrow: This sharpened hollow tube looks like it was originally a narrow proboscis on some giant insect, but it actually comes from a strange carnivorous plant. A bleeding arrow deals normal damage when it hits a creature. Each round thereafter, the creature bleeds for 1 point of damage until the bleeding is stopped by a DC 10 Heal check or the application of a cure spell or some other healing magic. A critical hit does not multiply the bleed damage. Creatures immune to critical hits (such as plants and constructs) are immune to the bleed damage dealt by this weapon.

Durable Arrow: These arrows are tightly wrapped in strands of some kind of alchemical glue. Durable arrows don’t break due to normal use, whether or not they hit their target; unless the arrow goes missing, an archer can retrieve and reuse a durable arrow again and again. Durable arrows can be broken in other ways (such as deliberate snapping, hitting a fire elemental, and so on). If crafted with magic (such as bane), the magic only lasts for one use of the arrow, but the nonmagical arrow can still be reused or imbued with magic again.
Dye Arrow: This arrow ends in a crystalline bubble. Firing a dye arrow is a ranged touch attack; a creature struck by a dye arrow takes no damage but is splashed with black, blue, green, or red marker dye (see Pathfinder Chronicles Campaign Setting page 213) sufficient to coat about 1 square foot.

Lodestone Arrow: This heavy iron arrowhead is sealed with an alchemical resin; pulling a small string (a move action) breaks the seal and activates the reaction in the arrowhead, greatly increasing its magnetic properties. You gain a +4 bonus on attack rolls when firing a lodestone arrow at a target wearing a significant amount of metal armor (at least chain mail or a metal shield) or made of metal, but the magnetized arrow only deals half damage. In areas with a lot of magnetic metal, the attack bonus may drop to 0 or even become a penalty as competing sources steer the arrow away from your intended target. The increased magnetism fades 1 round after you activate it, after which time it is a normal arrow.

Pheromone Arrow: The arrowhead of this arrow is coated with potent substances that react to blood and sweat, releasing strong aromas that most predators recognize as tasty injured prey and other creatures perceive as merely unpleasant. Any creature with the scent ability gains a +2 bonus on attack and damage rolls made against a target marked with a pheromone arrow. This effect lasts for 1 hour or until the target spends 1 minute washing.
Raining Arrow: This thick-shafted arrow contains a reservoir of holy water and is designed to burst on impact, hitting the target and splashing nearby creatures as if you had thrown the vial. A raining arrow has a -2 penalty on attack rolls due to its weight.

Slow Burn Arrow: Behind the head of this arrow is a small receptacle of alchemical material that heats up when exposed to air and eventually bursts into flame; barbs on the arrowhead pierce the pouch when it hits a target. On your turn, 1 round after impact, the burst of flame deals 1d6 points of fire damage to the target. The extra weight of this arrowhead gives you a -1 penalty on attack rolls with the arrow.

Splintercloud Arrow: The shaft of this arrow is formed of numerous small bone fragments painstakingly glued together. When fired they tear themselves apart, forming a 5-foot burst of razor-sharp bones that deals 1d3 points of piercing damage (Reflex DC 18 negates).

Tangleshot Arrow: This arrow is topped with a small bottle containing a small quantity of tanglefoot goo. You fire a tangleshot arrow as a ranged touch attack; the arrow deals no damage when it hits, but the target is splashed with the alchemical adhesive. The reduced amount of the glue means this arrow is less effective than an actual tanglefoot bag (DC 10 Reflex save, DC 12 Strength check to break, 10 points of slashing damage to cut through, DC 10 Concentration check). The weight of a tangleshot arrow reduces its range increment to half normal. Elves use this to slow or stop fleeing opponents or to capture animals without killing them.

Trip Arrow: This squat arrow has a large, bulbous, metal tip that expands and flattens in flight. If the arrow hits, it initiates a trip attack against the target (DC = 15); the target falls prone if it fails its check, but if it succeed it cannot attempt to trip you in return.


Alchemical Arrows

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