Tag: Cocytian Knot


  • Elise Zadaria

    Calling themselves “The White Ravens” (named after Zadaria’s familiar – a rare albino raven), they hail from the land of the north men. They were recruited by Thorn after successfully raiding a paladin’s tomb. Zadaria is not a worshipper of Asmodeus …

  • Dostan Alfson

    Dostan rarely has much to say and prefers to let others do the talking. However, if you can get him drinking (and he does love his mead), he is likely to open up at last. Either that or start an epic bar brawl.

  • Tallus “Trak” Rackburn

    His favorite prey is humans and he is a hunter of men both by profession and inclination. He served as a bounty hunter for a while before falling into the service of Zadaria. Enthralled by Elise, there is no doubt that his interest in her is far from …

  • Titus “Trik” Rackburn

    Titus is a psychopath, murderer and cultist of Asmodeus to the core. Before joining the Ravens, he was a serial killer in a major city in the north. He would lure victims to his home, poison their wine and then sacrifice them to Asmodeus on his hidden …