Crimes of the Forsaken

Each character chooses one heinous crime that has earned them a place in Branderscar Prison. Each crime grants a different benefit, similar to a trait. You may have committed many crimes during your lifetime, but this is the crime that finally got you branded and condemned.

This list of twenty crimes is not intended to be comprehensive. Feel free to invent your own crime, punishment and benefit (with the GM’s approval of course).

Besides simply choosing a crime, you should also consider how the crime was done. Was this a well-planned criminal enterprise or a crime of passion? Did you do it alone or did you have accomplices? Was this the first time you did this crime or are you a repeat offender? Answering these questions will help flesh out your character’s background.

This has been said before, but it bears repeating. Your character actually perpetrated this crime. You may have done it for what seemed like noble reasons. You may have gotten entangled in this criminal enterprise unwillingly. But there is no doubt that you are guilty. You have not been sentenced to the worse prison in Talingarde unjustly.

You are here because you deserve to be.

  1. Arson
  2. Attempted Murder
  3. Blasphemy
  4. Consorting with the Dark Powers (Witchcraft)
  5. Desecration
  6. Desertion
  7. Dueling unto Death
  8. Extortion
  9. Forgery
  10. Fraud
  11. Grave Robbery
  12. Heresy
  13. High Theft
  14. High Treason
  15. Kidnapping
  16. Murder
  17. Piracy
  18. Sedition
  19. Slave-Taking
  20. Slave Trading

Crimes of the Forsaken

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