Paths of Vengeance

Book 1 Wrap Up

Our PCs have been busy scheming for nearly 30 days time, seeking information throughout the city, sabotaging the watch tower, and drinking dwarves under the table. Only after gathering all possible information, they slice into the peaceful town like a doctors scalpel.

When it was all said and done, it was an absolute slaughter.

Balentyne fell with barely a bugbear slain. The hairy beasts immediately attacked Aldencross and feasted on human flesh in an orgy of death and slaughter. There are few survivors and little warning as the Fire-Axe’s horde swept down into the Heartland of Talingarde. The war has begun with a crushing defeat for Talingarde.

Breaking the clay seal and notifying the Cardinal that the deed is done, Tiadora instantly teleports herself to their location atop the tower bearing a gift. A small but heavy wooden box containing platinum ingots worth 5000 gp (10 lbs. of platinum) and with a small hand-written note. “Our lord smiles upon your success. Here is a token of my esteem. Use it to rest, recover and strengthen yourselves. Other commands will come when the Knot is needed. Your work has just begun. – A.”

From the promontory, you can see the great bugbear horde camped south of the Watch Wall. Balentyne yet burns behind you. Tiadora remarks, “I have seen no evidence of any army gathering to meet the horde. It seems Zadaria has also succeeded at her mission and has assassinated the commanders. Truly, a great achievement."

“Making matters worse for poor Talingarde, small bands of creatures unaligned with Sakkarot approach the breach, eager to take advantage of the chaos. How could these beasts know already about this break in the Watch Wall? Someone must have told them. Probably best to leave. This region is about to become very dangerous."

“Still, this will not be enough. Balentyne may be broken but Talingarde is yet strong. Soon word will reach the south. The Heartland and the great cities of the Cambrian Bay will marshal their armies. They will meet Sakkarot on the field and it will be far too close to a fair fight. We must
do something about that."

“Come, my lords, your ship awaits. Try not to burn this one.”

Lords. She called you lords. And lords you are. Lords of death and destruction. Lords of evil. Do you remember Branderscar? Do you remember being held down and branded like animals? How far you have come and how long yet the journey before you. Tiadora is right. This is only your first steps along the way of the wicked.



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