Paths of Vengeance

The Horn of Abaddon: The Lower Caverns

The Cavern Entrance

This broad open cave is the only visible entrance to the lower caverns. The many stalactites, stalagmites, and columns of wet living stone resemble nothing so much as fangs contained inside a large loathsome grin. The cave is covered by countless pools of standing fetid water and ubiquitous slicks of mud that make the entire surface of the maw count as difficult terrain from the entrance to the dotted-line more than forty feet in.

The group spots a pair of bored boggard sentries is stationed here. The boggards take notice of a numerically superior and well-armed band, and they try to take cover flee. The group chases them into the next cavern, and kills them.

Acid Pools

The next cavern is a small wet cave. Doctor Pitch finds that through a bizarre natural process, acid sweats from its northern wall. The Doctor puts some into a few vials, and they group continues on.

The Knot continues deeper still, and finds a number of empty caves. As they venture deeper, they start to feel heat.

Mud Pitts

Geothermal activity below the Horn of Abaddon has created a natural cauldron of boiling mud here. The hot mud is obvious and not particularly dangerous, but can cause harm.

Olar casts detect magic here, the mud is actually faintly magical. The slow erosion of the magically created Horn of Abaddon has made this pool so.

Across the mud pool there is a natural shelf and upon that shelf is an old mud-splattered metal chest. Currently the chest is open, its lock ruined.

Olar wades across, resisting the heat. He finds the chest to be empty.

Boggard Village

Rook sneaks out of the mud pit and into a large cavern which houses seven huts. He informs the rest of the Knot of their existence.

Arkhan casts Detect Magic, and finds two faint auras, each coming from the closest huts.

Rook sneaks back in and begins snooping around the huts. He finds one has what appears to be a chieftain, slumbering with his two consorts. Rook attempts to sneak in to get a surprise attack, but trips and falls onto the chief! The chief wakes, stumbles back, and grabs for his greatsword, and cuts Rook in two. Rooks misstep costing him his life.

The rest of the knot takes vengeance, and the ensuing battle is long and hard. They slay all of the village, including 14 boggards, the chief and his helpless consorts.

They uncover a number of items and some gold/gems. Worth the price of life, indeed.

The doctor wastes no time turning Rook into a powerful zombie.

Fungus Farm

More mud pits are found, but this one seemed to serve as the boggards latrine. The feces and hot volcanic mud mix to make a potent smell, and are coated in large mushrooms.

Grumblejack helps himself, and finds them quite delicious.

The Temple

More empty caverns lead the way to a large and high-vaulted cave. The ceiling drips with water so constantly it seems as if it is perpetually raining. Fetid pools and luminescent algae combine to give the chamber an ominous greenish glow and a lingering stench. The chamber is dominated by a large and impressive mud and stick hut that is surprisingly sturdy. The entrance is decorated with bones and leather strips cut from dozens of creatures (many of which the Doctor identifies as sentient).

The boggards have constructed a crude holding pen nearby. Currently it is empty save for a few scattered bones from an unlucky Iraen trapper the boggards captured weeks ago.



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